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0000010SiT!incidentspublic2008-07-11 15:392011-03-07 10:54
0000010: [META] Basic Escalations
Neat Escalations, ability to escalate internally as well as externally
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parent of 0000811confirmed  report_incidents_by_skill.phpand report_incidents_by_engineer.php uses bodytext of "External ID" to determine escalation 
parent of 0000411resolved kieran Ability to send/forward the entire case history to another person internal or external 
parent of 0000139assigned ivan Open new incident based on close incident details 
parent of 0000960assigned ivan Ability to merge incidents (not just associate them) 
parent of 0000049resolved paulh Custom incident reference 
parent of 0001284confirmed  Clone incident 
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2010-02-20 17:49   
For 4.0 internal escalations is the aim, 4.1 for external
2011-03-07 10:54   
Not sure if a note is the ideal way to do this, i hope it is...
Some things which might be useful in creating an escalation:

- on selecting an escalation path some of the incident update fields could be auto-completed. (external email address and name at least) giving the chance to immediately create and send the email to the external engineer.

- now to escalate you need to edit the incident, would be nice having it as an update option, this way the ticket could be escalated and the status set to something like awaiting external action.

Thanks. Luca