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0001005SiT!incidentspublic2009-11-06 09:432010-01-23 19:02
0001005: Creating an incident from the holding queue does not move the attachment
When we have an incident in the holding queue, and we create a new incident from it the attachments which are in the '/updates' folder is note moved to the '/incidentid' folder.
This problem is related to a bug that Kieran fixed (BUG 774) where we stoppped to write the entire filanme in the updates directory.

The problem is that the incident_add.php still tried to find the file with the full filename (which was file_id+filename originally).

The problem is here in line 789 of incident_add.php:

789 $old_file = $old_path . $filename;

The fix is to change this to:

789 $old_file = $old_path . $row->linkcolref;

as the file is no longer originally saved entirely but only as a ref.
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has duplicate 0001041closed  Inbound Email loses its attachemets 
related to 0001347closed ivan attachments that moved by move_update.php are not moved 
child of 0000774closed kieran Attachments with accented characters like "é" in the filename do not get imported 
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2010-01-10 17:10   
Reproduced this with latest 3.x SVN code
2010-01-10 17:15   
Moving the file from updates to the relevant incidentid directory allows the file to be accessed, will look at this more in abit
2010-01-10 19:41   
Cheers Nicdev, r5986 in 3.x and trunk resolves this
2010-01-23 19:02   
Fix released in v3.51 which is now available