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0001051SiT!incidentspublic2010-01-25 09:302010-03-27 12:30
3.60 LTS3.60 LTS 
0001051: Drafts functionality doesn't work in cyrilic
Again 0001022: Drafts functionality doesn't work in cyrilic.
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duplicate of 0001022closed paulh Drafts functionality doesn't work in cyrilic 
related to 0001069closed  new bug after resolving [0001051] Drafts functionality doesn't work in cyrilic 
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2010-01-25 10:45   
Thanks for the bug report, can you be more specific? Exactly what doesn't work and what happens instead of what you expect to happen?
2010-01-25 11:03   
When update incident and write cirillic symbols - Failed - multiple drafts exist. When write in english - its ok.
2010-02-11 11:32   
so what about this bug?
can you reproduce it?
2010-02-11 17:27   
or may be you can tell me what to do to turn off drafts? bcause it seems to me that it is the final step for us to use SiT
2010-02-11 20:15   
Hi sancho78rus ,

I've just tried to reproduce this with 3.51 with the following test

6) é, à, è, ê, î, ç
7) Soluções
9) ??????? ????
A) AÄEIOÖUÜ Edelweiß
B) Español
C) ???????
D) ??????????
E) ??????????
F) # ?? / ???
G) ???
H) ??
I) æ, ø, å, Æ, Ø, Å
J) ?u?op ?p?sdn?

In both draft updates and emails and it saved the draft and retrieved the draft successfully. For updates I used this as the body and for emails I used these strings in both the body and the subject.

Can you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing as I'm struggling to reproduce this and if you could send a copy of the text your using just on the off chance its a 'odd' character.

As for turning drafts of this is unfortunately not possible.

2010-02-12 09:56   
1.jpg: when you type in everything in cirillic - 2.jpg appears. Every time. But in english - it ok.
2010-02-12 12:14   
Hi, paul and I are both confused as to where the bug lies here. It's difficult for us because neither of us speak Russian and can't understand the cirillic characters in your screenshot. However it seems that your two screenshots appear to be showing the drafts function operating normally, unless I'm mistaken the second screenshot shows the text you entered in (1) stored as a draft update.

The message "multiple drafts exist" is perhaps a little misleading because it's in English and what it really means is that "at least one draft has been previously saved". This string needs translating into Russian.
2010-02-12 12:26   
"the second screenshot shows the text you entered in (1) stored as a draft update".
yes. its the same text.
may be we can turn off drafts by setting comments in some strings in code?
2010-02-12 13:06   

You can use the draft by selecting the paper and pen icon, its not a trivial item to disable the draft feature the ideal situation is to get drafts working for you.

If you click the paper and pen it will allow you to use the draft

2010-02-12 13:41   
i cant do so - there is loop. everything repeates again when i press paper and draft opens.
2010-02-12 13:46   
there is no way to write update in cirillic
2010-02-12 13:59   
So... if I'm understanding correctly you're saying that when you have a draft with text in cirillic it is not possible to edit that draft update?

When you click the "paper & pen" icon shown in screenshot 2 nothing happens?

Sorry that we're finding it difficult to understand the bug, but both Paul and Myself have tested this quite a lot and can't seem to make it break.
2010-02-12 14:02   
something else...
1) when i try to update (fill in "Update" field) incident in cirillic even when draft dont save automaticaly (just quickly type some russian letters - and press "upsate incident" button before draft saves automaticaly) - there is an error (just "Failed. Wait while you'll be redirected" - without any words about drafts).
2) when i open draft (as you say - click on paper) and try to update incident again - Failed. But if I add some non-cirillic text in Update field (without deleting cirillic text) - everything ok.

may be it helps.
may be problem not with drafts.
2010-02-12 14:06   
"When you click the "paper & pen" icon shown in screenshot 2 nothing happens?"
- after it i redirected to update incident page. and when i press Update incident button - the same error again.
2010-02-12 14:08   
(edited on: 2010-02-12 14:09)
when i type update text in cirillic and press "update incident" button before draft saves automaticaly - there is error "The form field Update must not be left blank"

2010-02-12 20:48   
it seems to me that i understand what the problem.
if the last letter in Update fileld non cirillic (english or digit) - drafts works and everything is ok. even if other letters cirillic.
but if last letter cirillic - error.
so error appears ONLY when LAST letter in update field cirillic.
2010-02-13 12:14   

Can you ensure you have fully upgraded to 3.51 as I've tried again with the following text "??? ??????? ???? (ru-RU) ?????????? ?? ????? ?????? ??????" and don't get the problem.

One thing I do not from your screenshots is "Multiple drafts exist please select one" is in english where as in my 3.51 its in Russian (C????????? ????????? ??????????, ??????????, ???????? ????), looking back from the commits this string was added in SiT 3.50 so would appear your still running some 3.45 code which would possibly explain this problem as 3.51 is the first release where the drafts work when using unicode characters
2010-02-13 12:34   
i'v just downloaded 3.51 again.
but http://sit.srv/incident_update.php [^] still shows error "Multiple drafts exist please select one".
2010-02-13 12:45   
After some experiments i cannot repeat this error again (may be cash?).

But there is still error "The form field Update must not be left blank" if update text only cirillic. If there is at least one english symbol in update field
2010-02-13 12:50   

OK I can reproduce this error now with "??? ??????? ???? ?????????? ?? ????? ?????? ??????" against 3.51 and latest SVN code so will do some investigation
2010-02-13 12:56   
will be waiting for patch very much...
2010-02-13 13:01   
The problem is caused by incident_update.php line 561 expectingbody text to contain at least one of the characters a-z or 0-9 and is case insensitive hence never catches Cyrillic chars (or any non english charatcer)
2010-02-13 13:31   

Commit 6077 resolved this issue in trunk and 3.x, a patch has been uploaded to this bug report (1051.diff) which can be applied to the 3.51 release to resolve the issue