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0001054SiT!inbound emailpublic2010-01-28 17:552010-04-07 17:57
0001054: Auto-create incidents and assign to queues based on the To: email field
The ability to provide a simple rule to read the to: field and then auto create the incident with a defined set of information: skill, product, priority, etc.
This would allow to support multiple contracts and clearly segregate functions and queues. One would have two or more emails (alias) redirected to the SiT! real mailbox.
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2010-01-29 07:45   
Hi, This should be possible with a very simple plugin. What i don't understand is do you mean the To: field of the incoming mail? or the out going email?

I assume you mean that when you have an email "from" a certain email address, then to autocreate the incident. Is that correct?

We have today a plugin that autocreates on keywords in the subject of the email, but it already looks to see if the sender is recognised, thus it can be easily adapted if the above is what you want to achieve.

Let me know..
2010-02-01 12:17   
Hi Nicdev,

No, i really mean the to address. Suppose you have two separate customer support services. The first uses the email and the second uses I want to clearly separate these two services, by assigning their incidents to their respective queues. This would be simple if SiT! knows that emails sent to go to the A queue and emails sent to go to the B queue.
Managers would only see incidents from their queue.

2010-04-07 17:57   
Hi, do these emails get redirected to the same mailbox? If no it cannot be done, as SiT can only retrieve email form one mailbox, unless it is done by MTA method i suppose.

How are your skills/contracts etc. set up in SiT? Will the skills remain the same for each To: address?

We could possibly modify the auto_create plugin to do that...