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0001061SiT!otherpublic2010-02-10 11:302015-05-04 11:58
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0001061: Dependency issues in .deb package
We depend on prototype.js and scriptaculous.js and we should set up package dependencies properly rather than bundle these within the .deb file. Bundling is bad because security fixes won't percolate.
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2010-02-10 13:23   
I'll take a look at this
2010-02-11 20:35   
From some googling and looking at what libjs-prototype installs the way to do this on Debian is to include the javascript from /javascript/


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"

rather than symlinking or anything like that, this /javascript/ is done via conf.d/javascript-common.conf this means on building the deb all instances of


need changing to /javascript/prototype/prototype.js which isn't a biggie

2010-02-16 19:40   
Replacing prototype is straight forward as we just replace {$CONFIG['application_webpath']}scripts/prototype/prototype.js unfortunately scriptaculous isn't as easy as we don't directly include this but instead use $pagescripts and

if (is_array($pagescripts))
    foreach ($pagescripts AS $pscript)
        echo "<script src='{$CONFIG['application_webpath']}scripts/{$pscript}' type='text/javascript'></script>\n";
    unset($pagescripts, $pscript);

So we can't just sed this one,
2010-03-17 14:08   
I've assigned this to me so that I'll remember to change the way pagescripts works, I'll bat it back to you (paulh) once thats done
2010-04-12 21:12   
In Git 623ebb0 scriptaculous is always included instead of using pagescripts. This should make dependency issues a bit easier?