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0001070SiT!otherpublic2010-02-13 17:342014-05-03 19:41
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0001070: Move trunk (4.x) development to Git/Github
We've decided to continue mainline development of SiT! in Git rather than svn on sourceforge. This bug is to track that move.
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2010-02-16 20:24   
One thing we need to decide: is a bug resolved when it's pushed to a member branch or the main branch?
2010-02-16 21:08   
kieran: I think its got to be the main branch as thats what we'll release of, if its a member branch then it wouldn't be in the release and would cause confusion/further issues
2010-03-27 15:48   
We Tried out Github for a while ( [^]), but eventually settled on Gitorious because we all found it easier to use [^]

We're now using Gitorius for mainline development (4.0 and beyond) and things are going well so far.