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0001071SiT!configpublic2010-02-14 06:382010-02-27 11:02
0001071: Time problems
Sit shows wrong time. SLA times counts wrong because of it.
Server OS Windows. Server time and time zone set correctly (Europe\Moscow +3).
In SiT Config-Locale:Europe\Moscow, in my profile:UTC+3
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2010-02-18 16:52   
may be there is some workaround?
2010-02-19 11:45   
Hi, I'm not convinced this a bug, quite a few other people have had time issues and these have been resolved by using the correct configuration. I admit it's not all that easy to configure to make it work correctly but as I say I'm not sure theres a bug here.

I don't have time today to look into this in detail, but you might find if you look through the forum some tips for configuring this to work. Hope this helps.
2010-02-26 20:17   
I moved SiT on another system (OS Windows) and i have the same problem.
Time and timezone in system are right. But sit shows wrong time (+3 hours) in the bottom:

 Support Incident Tracker v3.51 running on Apache/2.0.63 (Win32) PHP/5.2.6 at 02:16

but time is 23:16 now.

We have UTC+3
2010-02-27 08:52   
Thanks for the bug report. This needs to be reproduced now.

One of the downsides (I guess) to living in Britain is that we're currently running on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is more or less equivalent to UTC. This makes testing timezone issues more difficult because it means changing the system clock on your dev. system. Something I'm never that keen to do.

I'll see if I can set this up in a virtual environment perhaps.
2010-02-27 11:02   
may be i find workaround: in user profile i set UTC (was UTC+3). Times are fine now.
But there is another problem...
When i set Initial response time in SLA = 10 Min and create incident, SiT shows that this incident already 20 min. late. So sit hurry on 30 min when calculate SLA time.