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0001080SiT!otherpublic2010-02-19 20:152012-12-21 20:21
0001080: Overhaul how schema is handled
We could do to overhaul how schema is handled, I have a few ideas though just logging this so we remember it tomorrow
Thoughts are having a schema revision number rather than just one schema for a release and as we develop we had lines so schema[1], schema[2] and when we release we release schema[x] which is a unification of schema[y]..schema[x] this was people/devs can run their db more accurately/easier
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2010-02-19 20:15paulhNew Issue
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2010-02-20 19:06   
Agreed on IRC (2010-02-20)
2011-07-05 12:20   
I'd like to bump this to v4.0 to help us meet our Roadmap targets for 3.90, thoughts?
2012-12-21 20:21   
Bumping as this is a significant piece of work