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0000110SiT!i18npublic2008-07-18 11:032010-02-24 21:46
0000110: Allow list of available language to be configured
We use a hardcoded list of languages in for the language selection drop-down. We should either generate this list automatically from the language files available or else have a config variable.
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2009-02-03 11:10   
This came up on IRC. I suggested a work-around for now:

[10:52] <SilvioTO_1970> I need to know the easiest way to hide language selector in main login page... Thanks
[10:53] <ericthefish> the easiest way would probably be to edit css
[10:53] <SilvioTO_1970> ha ok, thanks.
[10:54] <ericthefish> add this line to the bottom of your htdocs/styles/sitbase.css
[10:54] <ericthefish> #langselectform { display: none; }
[10:54] <SilvioTO_1970> ho thanks!!
[10:54] <ericthefish> you'll need to keep re-adding it each time you upgrade unfortunately
[10:55] <ericthefish> can I ask why you need to hide it?
[10:55] <SilvioTO_1970> Is a site only italian support...
[10:55] <ericthefish> ok, fair enough
[10:56] <SilvioTO_1970> ad if I want to hide only some languages? For example, leave only italian and english?
[10:58] <ericthefish> thats harder
[10:58] <ericthefish> erm.. hang on
[10:59] <ericthefish> you'll have to edit includes/ and find the line that begins "$availablelanguages"
[10:59] <ericthefish> then you need to edit that list so that only the languages you want are there
[11:01] <SilvioTO_1970> Ok, thanks.
[11:01] <ericthefish> no problem
2009-03-09 16:46   
This was added in v3.45, language can be configured via the new configuration GUI