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0001112SiT!calendarpublic2010-03-01 14:042011-02-14 13:18
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0001112: Move timesheet feature to Project Plugin
Since the timesheet feature is a bit buggy, hard to find and little used at the moment, we should move this into the Project Plugin so that development can continue on the timesheet without causing problems with the 3.60 LTS.
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child of 0001061confirmed  Dependency issues in .deb package 
child of 0000488resolved ivan Timesheet uses dojo 
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2010-03-01 14:05   
This allows us to drop Dojo for the core too, dojo could move into the plugin
2010-03-01 15:38   
I have reservations about letting this be targeted for 3.60, everybody please comment below with your thoughts about it.
2010-03-01 17:46   
Can't see any point in doing this for 3.60 IMO, will have to port it over manually which is a pain and it's not doing any harm as is.
2010-03-01 17:50   
The big motivation is that it would allow us to remove Dojo 0.43 out of our core. That old version of Dojo that we use causes debian packaging problems.
2010-03-01 19:20   
There are pros and cons to moving time tables out

Allows removal of dojo from core
Removes some buggy code from the core of the LTS
Improves packagability as we don't depend on an arcane version of dojo
Removes reliance on a 2 year old code base (dojo) which could have security/supportability issues long term

A reasonably significant change in a bug fix release

Overall I'm leaning towards a yes on this
2010-03-06 20:01   
Started a new branch in branches/plugins/project3 for project plugin + timesheet.

There are useful translations in 3.x branch r6206 and prior that could be used in project3 but these aren't ported yet.
2010-03-06 20:45   
After looking at this in detail, the timesheet code is too interweaved within SiT! for it to be removed without any risk of affecting stability. On balance I think it best to leave it in SiT! 3.x marked as experimental, and move it out to the plugin for 4.x
2010-03-10 21:13   
Removed in Git for 4.0 [^]

Added to svn branches/plugins/project3 (but not integrated yet)