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0000115SiT!portalpublic2008-07-18 12:072012-11-03 15:02
4.2 & Later 
0000115: Let portal users delete their account
A portal user should be able to delete his/her account if they no longer want to use SiT.

This has implications for data integrity, I propose we handle it like this:

If the contact has related incidents or other data, just delete the username and password from the contact record. If there is no related data, delete the whole contact record.
If we do delete the username and password only, we need to think carefully about how the data that remains is used in future, as the user has made it clear he wants his account deleted?

This is related to how we're going to handle deleted data in the future.
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related to 0000044confirmed  Allow Users to be deleted 
child of 0000048confirmed  [META] Deleting of data 
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2008-08-27 00:09   
I propose to add a new column to the customer's table to handle if the user is deleted or not (boolean or something like this).

If the user wants to delete it's username and password, we might change this flag to Y, in order to know that this customer disappear. As we are not really deleting the record, we keep the customer ID and the relationships will work.

Customer data should be set to "blank" to stop keeping information of him (so password and other confidential data should be cleaned of the system).

Also, some changes should be make to incidents viewing, in order to filter that incidents that are from inactive users.
2008-12-04 11:36   
I propose to let a user "delete" themselves, but it just sets the record to inactive, as it does in the main app, this seems like the best option?
2008-12-04 11:46   
Inactive would be ok for now. In the future we ought to handle deleted data better, there's already a bug report for that.
2008-12-04 11:56   
Ivan agrees with the inactive contact, should be a very minor change.
2012-11-03 15:02   
as agreed on irc