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0001160SiT!i18npublic2010-03-20 11:462010-07-03 16:36
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0001160: 2 strings that are supposed to be the same are not
in the bottom of the attached file the 2 strings (if excluding the SLA: are supposed to be the same,

the SLA line consists of 3 strings strSLA: strOpened strByX
and the second line consists of strOpenedByX

I don't know if the 2 strings in the upper line are used elsewhere but at least using the same string gives a sense of streamlining
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related to 0000742resolved paulh Consolidate SLA updates and their text 
related to 0000035confirmed  Status changes in body text 
png incident_details2.png (79,602) 2010-03-20 11:46
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2010-03-20 11:56   
These are actually separate and have slightly different meanings, although it's subtle.

The first message (chronologically) indicates that the incident is open, the second message indicates that the SLA has started timing the incident.

In reality both messages always appear at the same time and we've already logged an issue to merge these, see 0000742
2010-03-20 12:41   
I was thinking more that the result would look like

strSLA: strOpenedByX

rather than
strSLA: strOpened strByX

if that gives any better meaning
2010-03-20 17:51   
There's nothing we can do to fix this for 3.60