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0001200SiT!authenticationpublic2010-03-26 20:312012-01-22 21:31
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0001200: Single Sign On / SSO - Feature request
Someone asked in the forum regarding Single Sign On.

Probably more will ask about this in the future.

I've seen in Moodle that they have SSO, maybe inspiration can be picked up there, if/when we decide to add SSO
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tgz sitntlm.tgz (7,852) 2012-01-22 21:31
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Agree this could be useful, would need to investigate this in more depth, will take this on as it fits in nicely with something I'm doing at the moment
2012-01-12 17:45   
I have modified some of the pages and added functionality into our SiT! v3.65 system for NTLM SSO with Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory using Samba and Kerberos on Linux.

I can share what I have if you want.
2012-01-22 12:15   
Thanks paulvh,

Thanks if you could share what you have that would be great, either attach it to this bug or drop me a line (

2012-01-22 21:30   
Here they are.