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0001207SiT!feedbackpublic2010-03-30 19:342013-12-22 19:37
3.90beta2Current GIT 
0001207: Feedback request on marking an incident for closure
We should probably only request feedback when an incident is actually closed and not just marked for closure
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related to 0001206confirmed  Marking an incident for closure (and not close) - shows bad date in feedback form (user) 
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2010-03-30 23:49   
Agreed, can't remember the history behind this, I have a feeling somebody requested that this happen on Marked for closure, but thinking about it now I can't see sense in it. It only makes sense to request feedback when you finally close the incident. We need to remember though that if we do this we need to make sure the auto-close also requests feedback.
2010-03-31 08:20   
as an addition to this.. when you mark it as closure, the form is being sent.

if an engineer manually closes it before it automatic happens, then the form is being sent again.

I haven't tested if the form is being sent when the incident automatically goes from mark for closure to closed
2013-12-22 19:37   
Resolved in git ed40d26