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0001252SiT!otherpublic2010-04-10 08:532013-08-24 17:39
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0001252: forgotten password sent, go back to login page
re: forgotpwd.php

(login page) Forgotten pass --> enter email -->

the return text is all the way to the left (should be centered)

More messages from this page are not centered (just follow the reset password through, also type in wrong username when that screen appears)
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has duplicate 0001265feedback  Wrong redirection after user password reset 
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2010-06-05 11:24   
Agree this is inconsistent

Not sure about it being a dupe of 1265 though
2013-08-24 17:39   
129e6c931964d70084aec2fb048c1f2bb5faf413 centres this