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0001269SiT!holidayspublic2010-04-13 20:272017-07-04 10:23
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0001269: Bad usability in calendar
On calendar.php.
Its not comfortable and hard to understand how to work with holidays.
In year view - only current user's holidays. And you can add a request.
In month view - all user's holidays and you cannot add a request.
Also there is no year view (may be table) to view all user's holidays (and requests) (its useful to prevent crosses).
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2010-04-13 21:04   
Can you propose how you think it could be made more usable? Thanks.
2010-04-14 05:40   
I think it should be something like triggers:

Holiday requests should be in My details menu. (With calendar - list, year, month and day view to request current user's holidays).

But holiday planer should be also in Control panel menu. Only users with proper permisions should have access to it. Here you can choose user to see its holidays (approved holidays and requests) or all user's holidays (to prevent crosses and better holiday planing).

Also there should be ability to book already taken holiday by admin (without request from user) - for example unforeseen sickness.
2017-07-04 10:23   
Sorry to say this is unlikely to get fixed unless somebody steps forward and offers to code it. Please reopen if you want to work on it. thanks.