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0001278SiT!otherpublic2010-04-15 20:162020-12-11 08:45
0001278: Less confusing terminology
There's been plenty of discussion over the last twelve months about a lot of the terms we currently use in SiT! being confusing.

For example we use the word 'Users' to refer to people who provide support and not people who receive support. This is contrary to just about every other support system out there.

We've got this wiki page to try and decide which terms are best, use the talk page to place your vote: [^]
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parent of 0001076resolved paulh 'Product Only' is not clear 
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It looks like the commit Paul did on 11/17 to remove the productonly stuff broke the setup. Looks like he removed the productonly column, but didn't remove or replace the productonly KEY at line 701 in setup-schema.php
2012-12-08 08:46   
the GiT branch, which was fixed, is for the 3.90+ version, that hasn't been released yet.
Whereas SVN is for the 3.6x+ release, this version doesn't have the mentioned fix.

please discuss a certain bug in either the forum or at its own place.
2012-12-08 14:22   
Thanks ringram74, I've just done a new commit which finally kills all the productonly stuff within the git version and setup should now work again, sorry about that
2020-12-11 08:45   
Thanks ringram74
Have a good weekend

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