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0001301SiT!i18npublic2010-04-27 12:292010-05-20 10:43
3.60 LTS 
0001301: Function populate_syslang appear not work as expected
in lib/ line 7670 sit tryind concatenad two arrays from en-gb + default system language:

$lines = $nativelines += explode ("/n",$thedata);

result is only $nativelines and not merge both.

i change it to:

$lines = array_merge ($nativelines,explode ("/n",$thedata);
- Set default system langua to any other (non en-GB).
- Go as contact in portal
- Create a new incident
- Consult the incidente
- The Description will be in en-GB (wrrong), not system language (right)
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2010-05-20 10:43   
Thanks for the report and the suggested fix. I haven't tried to reproduce this yet, but thanks.