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0001307SiT!templatespublic2010-04-28 16:052010-05-20 10:44
0001307: Different Owner Name in the email when customer adds an incident
When customer adds an incident,using EMAIL-INCIDENT-CREATED-USER trigger,an email is sent out,but the owner name appearing in the email is not the appropriate name.

Instead of ownername ,we are getting Apllication shortcut name.

There is no problem with the ownername when the incident is added by administrator on behalf of the customer
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2010-04-29 19:58   
Hi Rajani,

When you say user create am I correct in understanding the user created this in the portal?

If this is the case and you have auto_asign_incidents set to off (false) then this is working correctly as the incident gets put into a generic 'SiT' queue until its assigned hence when the email goes out it s still assigned to user 0 (the application)

2010-05-03 17:47   
Hi Paul.
Thanks for the immediate response and sorry for the late reply.

Yes,you are correct in understanding that the user created this in the portal
and auto_asign_incidents is set to true ,because whenever customer adds an incident, its getting randomly assigned to one of the engineer(we are not manually assigning it).

So please suggest me what to do.
2010-05-03 20:29   
Without checking, the portal trigger might fire before the incident is reassigned, that'd probably do it.