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0001367SiT!incidentspublic2010-07-17 05:102010-07-21 21:29
3.61 LTS 
3.62 LTS3.62 LTS 
0001367: Help Link on incidents detail screen broken
The incident_details screen has an header with a "?" help link. This is a JavaScript method where the parameter is the permission number of the screen. However changes $permission into an array, and this results in a broken serialisation in html.
Open a detail popup for an incident and try to click the help link.
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2010-07-17 09:33   
Thanks again. I can confirm this. A long time ago we had a help page for each page based on the permission numbers. But the help text itself was very rubbish and eventually became out of date so we replaced it with a single page, looks like this bit of code got missed.
2010-07-17 12:02   
fixed in git dcf2545
fixed in svn 6578
2010-07-18 15:05   
Released in v3.62