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0001372SiT!inbound emailpublic2010-07-18 21:282012-12-19 20:42
normalcrashhave not tried
3.62 LTS 
3.68Current SVN 
0001372: Holding queue email attachments dont work.
See [^] for details.
When you try to download attachment - download.php downloads instead of attachment.
Try in opera and ie. Try on windows and linux server.
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2010-07-19 14:19   
I've been able to reproduce the error, but using an ID that doesn't exist
i.e download.php?id=1000

the download page should come with a warning that the file cannot be found

for the case of sancho78rus I guess it's because the file is not located in the right folder and/or as the right name
2010-08-28 14:00   
as of r6630 I've added a check to see if the file or id exists before trying to open the file, can you retest?
2011-08-06 19:59   
Hi Sancho78rus, is this still a problem with SiT! 3.63 or 3.64 ?
2012-12-19 19:56   
I've been able to reproduce this in the latest SVN, within the links table the origcolref is set to 0 which download.php checks
2012-12-19 20:42   
This was caused by the trigger system calling the function incoming_email_update_id which did not exist, I've created such a function in git eeff53c and svn r7556