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0001379SiT!incidentspublic2010-08-09 09:042011-05-02 17:47
3.60 LTS 
0001379: When reopening an incident, and the old owner is "out of office", the incident still get assigned to the old owner
I reopened an incident this morning, but the original owner of this incident is on holiday (out of office - not accepting), but after reopening the incident he was still the owner. This can lead to confusion, especially in big teams, as it will not appear on any of the dashboards of the other users, and none of the other engineers will receive a notification.

I am not sure if it is intended to be this way (will look at the code later), but i think we should at least do a "temp assign" to someone that is actually in the office, or assign to the backup, and temp assign to the original ownr, if the original owner is on holiday.
1. Close any incident,
2. Now change the status of the owner of the closed incident to "on holiday, not accepting",
3. Now reopen the incident closed in step 1,

The incident is assigned to the original owner even if he is out of office.
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has duplicate 0001501closed  Reopening an incident keeps the User assignment even when they are out of office 
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Yeap agree,

There is a similar issue with reopening incidents assigned to a disabled user in that they are left in there name
2011-05-02 17:47   
In 1501

The function "reopen_incident()" looks at who the incident owner is But does not see if he is in the office or not.

If everyone agrees, i have a fix, but need you to confirm and assign it to me.

Already confirmed