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0001391SiT!searchpublic2010-08-31 15:182011-07-17 13:09
3.62 LTS 
3.63 LTS3.63 LTS 
0001391: Search function does not work correctly
-- I am logging this as "Major", because we use the search function very often, and it seriously impedes the function and our work.--

After the upgrade to version 3.62 (from 3.60), the search function does not work correctly any more. Even though some changes "like searching for small words <3 characters now works, the following fails:

In 3.60 i searched for a part of a serial number "1V7H*", of which we have quite a few in incident titles etc., and i have 29 results (using the search in the menu bar.

When i do exactly the same search in version 3.62 i get "no results for 1V7H*"
To confirm I used a very common word "evolution" which is one of our product names. Results as follows:

In SiT 3.60:
1. I get 326 results, confirmed correct, including tags etc.
In SiT 3.62:
1. I get only 1 result?? and nothing for tags

On a second point I used a 3 letter word (also one of our product ranges) "STS":

In this case SiT 3.62 delivers the correct result, whereas SiT 3.60 fails

In SiT 3.62:
1. I get 18 results, confirmed correct, including tags etc.
In SiT 3.60:
1. I get "no results", which i knew was like this before
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2010-08-31 15:57   
Thanks for the bug report, acknowledging this so you know that I've seen it and will look into it as soon as I can spare the time.
2010-09-01 13:37   
rev 6642
2011-04-16 15:07   
Fix Released in 3.63