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0001401SiT!permissionspublic2010-09-24 17:212011-08-06 20:00
0001401: Add permissions to view group incident
Altough in your wiki says that Sit! believes that every user should be able to see and edit every incident in the system, I was wondering if there is a way to turn things around. I need in my implementation of Sit! a way to give permissions to a user (or role) to view, edit or delete only incidents registered to his group.
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related to 0000303confirmed  Incident engineer visibility 
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I'm not sure whether a permission is the right way to do this, could you look at what I've proposed in but 303 and see if that achieves your requirement?
2011-02-08 14:30   
@eandres25 could you respond to the previous note by @paulh so that we can progress this further? thanks.
2011-08-06 20:00   
@eandres25 do you have any more to add ?