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0001408SiT!schedulerpublic2010-10-02 22:302014-02-01 09:57
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0001408: When job takes longer than time-to-next run of auto.php it's detected as missed
When running a job that takes longer time to finish, than the next run of auto.php the job is started multiple times.

set auto.php to run every minute.

run tms_backup with 7z as compression.
make sure there is enough data for it to take longer than 1 minute (or run on a slow computer)

it's easiest to see if you are using tms_backup v2.x because of it's view page.
for most scheduled jobs, this is not a problem, but another job that can cause trouble would be the "CheckIncommingMail" in case of a slow line to the mailserver and/or lots of attachments.
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related to 0001409closed ivan Scheduled job that takes longer than next auto.php execution, will have it's start time moved 
has duplicate 0001911new  Long running auto.php can lead to scheduler tasks being disabled 
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