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0001411SiT!LDAPpublic2010-10-12 20:112011-04-16 15:07
3.62 LTS 
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0001411: If LDAP password expires all users are disabled
This weekend the LDAP credentials we used for LDAP login expired (thank the MS team!).

LdapSync disabled all the users, and because the scheduler failed, Ldapsync was disabled (normal behaviour). When i got the password restored, all incidents were assigned to a user who does not have the skills and is not marked in office, and subsequently no engineer saw any new cases and the incidents lay dormant until some of those customers started calling (angrily ..)

I did not yet look at the code but i imagine we need to do something for this as i assume we are not the only ones that use 'resetting passwords'. Maybe we can add a system trigger that sends an email to warn everyone?

I suppose the chain of events were a bit unique, but now that it's a know we should maybe look into it.

I can post some log info but there is some sensitive info there ... Paul what do you think?

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2010-10-15 19:26   
can repro
2010-10-16 12:05   
r6732 and 1b928a9 resolve this
2011-04-16 15:07   
Fix Released in 3.63