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0001413SiT!incidentspublic2010-10-13 20:362011-04-02 18:06
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0001413: For new plugin: Add plugin_do to incident_details and give 'id' to div tag
For an new plugin we are working on, we need to add a plugin_do to incident_details.php and we need to give the update details "<div>" tag a name ('id').

The plugin aims to use JS to enable an engineer to hide or show updates by clicking a "hide/show" button in the update bar. To do this we need to let the <div> have an id like <div class='detailentry' id='{$updateid}>.

The plugin_do will contain the <script> tags and the ajax code. The JS will be in a separate .js file.

During initial testing it seems giving an 'id' to the <div> tags has no effect on existing code, nor does the plugin_do.

Any inputs appreciated from the dev team.

Thanks guys
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2010-10-13 20:42   

sorry i forgot to mention that the plugin do will also insert the html for the show/hide button ;)

2010-10-16 12:55   
this seems like a reasonable suggestion
2011-04-02 18:06   
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