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0001430SiT!outbound emailpublic2010-12-18 16:242011-06-04 16:01
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001430: Outbound email: Special characters in email address fails
When sending a mail to a contact with a special character in his email address (like "&"), the email gets sent but returns failed by the server. The email address used to send and what gets sent to the server is not the same.
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child of 0001355resolved ivan Non ascii characters in the CC field of outgoing emails fails 
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2010-12-18 16:27   
Sorry forgot i logged that for CC: already, but not for To:
2010-12-19 14:17   
I'm not able to test this since I can't set up an email account with an ampersand character in it because (sensibly IMO) my mail server strips out the ampersand.
2011-06-04 16:00   
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Final part of this fixed in Git 1785753

 * Update mime parser library from upstream (to 1.80) (BSD Licensed)
 * Make About page mention the mime parser which we have previously failed to do
* Fix the last parts of Mantis 1430 where an email address wasn't recognised as belonging to a contact if it contained special characters. This was a problem in several areas, partly because the email addresses weren't extracted and partly because the contacts edit page changed & to & amp ;