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0001456SiT!LDAPpublic2011-02-11 09:002011-02-12 18:44
3.62 LTS 
0001456: Add ability to loop through multiple Groups to search for customers in an AD forest
This feature is relative to bug 1315:

I have tries in vain to get them to make some 20 000 members, spread over multiple OU's, part of a group called "sit_users" ... So this feature request is to look at the ability to specify multiple CN's or OU's (that reside inside different branches of a forest) and to have the LDAP script (especially for Contacts) scroll loop through them, until it finds a match (or not).

It seems this is possible as ldap_ search can take an "array of link identifiers" (see [^]) to do parallel searches.
Quote(from php Manpage):
From 4.0.5 on it's also possible to do parallel searches. To do this you use an array of link identifiers, rather than a single identifier, as the first argument. If you don't want the same base DN and the same filter for all the searches, you can also use an array of base DNs and/or an array of filters. Those arrays must be of the same size as the link identifier array since the first entries of the arrays are used for one search, the second entries are used for another, and so on. When doing parallel searches an array of search result identifiers is returned, except in case of error, then the entry corresponding to the search will be FALSE. This is very much like the value normally returned, except that a result identifier is always returned when a search was made. There are some rare cases where the normal search returns FALSE while the parallel search returns an identifier.
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related to 0001315closed  Add the ability to use LDAP when contacts reside in multiple Organisational Units 
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