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0001486SiT!dashboardpublic2011-03-12 09:562011-04-08 20:32
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0001486: Dashboard sql queries are not run during install
in version <3.90 the dashboard components' sql queries were automatically run for those components that were pre-installed.

Right now they are not run
make a fresh install of SiT v3.90 and checkout the RSS dashboard component.
(Error: Table doesn't exist)
Though I've only looked briefly on this, and manually added the table it doesn't seem that the RSS can add new feeds, but this is another matter, and should only be added as a bug report after this issue has been fixed due to that I might have made a mistake somewhere in adding the table.
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2011-04-08 20:05   
Can reproduce. The problem is with 3.9 we install all default dashlets by default previously we only installed four and non of these had a schema change.

Setup should run dashboard_<NAME>_install() on each default dashlet
2011-04-08 20:32   
57e96b5 resolves