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0001501SiT!incidentspublic2011-05-02 09:262011-05-02 17:46
WindowsWindows Server2000+Later
3.62 LTS 
0001501: Reopening an incident keeps the User assignment even when they are out of office
When reopening an incident, and the original owner (The User that was assigned the incident when it was closed) is 'out of office', the incident stays assigned to this user, even when they are not around to see it.

No temp assignment is done either, which can leave the incident in the "absent" User's queue until he comes back.

Either we should d a full re-assign or just give it to the User's backup.
The function "reopen_incident()" looks at who the incident owner is But does not see if he is in the office or not.

If everyone agrees, i have a fix, but need you to confirm and assign it to me.

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duplicate of 0001379assigned nicdev When reopening an incident, and the old owner is "out of office", the incident still get assigned to the old owner 
parent of 0001502closed paulh function "reassign_incident()" in contains errors 
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This is a duplicate of 0001379, please track the progress though that bug