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0001504SiT!otherpublic2011-05-07 10:382011-09-04 17:31
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3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001504: error message when saving translations
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in sit/translate.php @ line 260 sit_error_handler()

this is possible due to $strSchedulerNotRunning which has been cut off around the link

example : 'Planlægnings agenten ser ikke ud til at køre. Du kan evt kigge på <a hr';

this is displayed in the english side too, but the original file contains the " " tags
translate a page, and click save
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related to 0001514resolved Tomse if comment lines from translation file are missing, an error occurs when saving translations 
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2011-05-31 14:07   
Reproduced this when trying to save the da-DK translation. Looks like it might not be escaping where it needs to.
2011-06-01 11:57   
fixed in git:a756f25

moved link out of translations.

error message was another bug, which is reported as 1514