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0001547: Resolution/Reprioritisation need splitting
The two SLA targets Resolution and Re prioritisation are currently treated as a single target. This confuses most people and makes it hard for people to change priority in incidents because they don't want to mark something resolved in order to change it's priority. (We disable the priority field unless this target is selected).
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2011-06-07 18:59   
What about just dropping the resolution bit and only set the resolution SLA set when the call is closed, it doesn't make any sense to mark a call resolved and leave it open (does it?)
2011-06-07 19:20   
Yeah that could work. But what SLA target would we set when changing the priority? I do think the the SLA ought to restart from Problem Definition again when priority is changed because if you're deciding this is a different priority than the call as defined when logged then you need to define the problem again.

So maybe changing priority should just set the target problem definition and we shouldn't have a choice for reprioritisation or resolution in the update form SLA target drop-down?
2011-06-07 19:27   
You can change the priority of a call at any point after initial response you don't have to use this SLA state to reprioratize, perhaps just drop the option all together?