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0001604SiT!userspublic2011-06-16 14:262011-06-17 10:02
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0001604: User edit; when saving it produces an error in the debug log
2011-06-16T15:20:55+02:00 user_profile_edit.php Application Error [256] !Error while updating users table (in line 334 of file user_profile_edit.php)

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has duplicate 0001597closed Tomse My profile page doesn't save settings 
related to 0001596resolved Tomse changing status from within the user profile page doesn't redirect you back to the profile page 
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2011-06-16 22:12   
I can confirm this, the error in the log is followed by a full variables dump which I was amazed at the size of heheh, had to increase the size of my scrollback buffer. :-)

The result from the use perspective is a more or less blank page after saving too, it should have redirected with a message saying it failed.
2011-06-17 08:24   
temp fix in git : ddd4860
removed "AND is_numeric($this->id)" as this causes mem dump
not sure why
2011-06-17 10:02   
this bug is fixed in git : ddd4860

added some comments for paul, as he might have something to say about it