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0001625SiT!inventorypublic2011-06-21 16:392011-06-27 20:00
0001625: Text Format lost in Iventory entry
after entering all build information into the text box in the inventory section, with formating, tabs, newlines etc, all looks fine and readable, when i save and then view the inventory item it loses all formating, if i select edit item the formating is back.
just format some text in the text box with tabs and new lines etc. save and then view, then edit again and the formating is still there.
i have added a before and after pic from showing the text, its not a massive problem, but could be if once all the items are entered.
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jpg before.jpg (228,811) 2011-06-21 16:39

jpg after.jpg (200,911) 2011-06-21 16:40
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2011-06-21 16:42   
SIT is actually installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, and i have been viewing on Windows 7 Pro.
2011-06-22 11:46   
This isn't a bug as the inventory notes (as with other notes fields in Sit!) do not store formatted text.
2011-06-22 11:51   
but they have stored in formatted text, because when i go back into the inventory item, the notes are displayed as formated text as i entered it, it doesnt display it as formated when you view the item as opposed to editing it.
2011-06-22 12:02   
that's just a side effect of the way whitespace formatted text is displayed in textarea fields in HTML, we don't currently support any kind of formatting for this field. Although we may in the future support bbcode.
2011-06-27 20:00   
Confirming this, sit4 supports BBCode for notes though doesn't display properly