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0001641SiT!billingpublic2011-07-03 10:492011-08-06 14:45
normaltweakhave not tried
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0001641: Unused code for daily rate
We have get_service_dailyrate() (not called) a couple of commented out fields in add/edit service forms and some i18n strings plus a database column in sit_service.

Should we remove these? It seems that back in 2008 we doubted the usefulness and it's now 2011.

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2011-07-17 13:30   
Agree we should remove them, we though it would be necessary though in the end 1 day was just treated as 8 hours
2011-08-06 14:45   
Git d896fa6: Remove daily rate for service, some commented out code, unused strings, unused database column and an unused function.