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0001650SiT!incidentspublic2011-07-20 22:412011-08-05 19:29
confirmedunable to reproduce 
3.60 LTS 
0001650: No && character support in attachment filenames
Files attached to incidents with && signs break downloads and give 404.

Certain characters such as "&" are not supported in filenames of attachments, and will generate a 404 when trying to donwload these files.
We havent tested all characters, there may be some others too, so worth letting your users know not to use special characters.
These files will upload ok, and you will see the file in the filesystem, and within the SiT db (files table).
Create an incident, then attach a file that contains "&" in the filename.
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png db.png (11,534) 2011-08-05 19:28
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2011-08-04 12:03   
Thanks for the report. I've tried to reproduce this with v3.64 and cannot, files with ampersands in attachments download just fine for me.

I would suggest you upgrade to 3.64 and try again. There are many good reasons to upgrade aside from this bug anyway.

If upgrading doesn't fix this for you, we'll need some more information off you in order to reproduce it.
2011-08-05 19:28   
Can reproduce this with current git.

This doesn't effect attaching the file as an update though if you go to files -> upload it uploads OK though when you click it you get:

404 File Not Found
404 File Not Found : /home/sit/attachements/21/38
About phdev Support Incident Tracker v3.90 git running on Apache/2.2.19 (Debian) at 18:26

You are using a pre-release version of SiT - v3.90 git, Pre-release versions are for you to test, provide feedback and to help with further development and should never be used in a live production environment. Report a Bug

Execution Time: 0.072 seconds
Memory Usage: 8.15 MBytes

Path: /home/sit/attachements/21/38-file&&ampersands.txt
Old style path: /home/sit/attachements/21/u308/file&&ampersands.txt
Fs2 Path: /home/sit/attachements/21/38
2011-08-05 19:29   
DB entries shown in db.png attached