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0001651SiT!noticespublic2011-07-20 22:492011-08-04 12:08
3.60 LTS 
0001651: Ability to make notification and email to groups of contacts or sites
Essentially a mechanism to make service announcements.

Should be able to make a generic announcement regarding a service (product)?

For customers with contracts for the same product should be able to let them know about service outages, updates etc. For related sites should also be able to group these and make service announcements to their contacts.

Example scenarios:
1. You support a specific software package for many customers at different sites, on different contracts/contacts. You discover a security vulnerability and want to make an announcement that a patch is required, and you want to do this explicitly to your support contacts for that customer to ensure it is controlled.
2. You provide some form of hosted service and plan to have an outage and you wish your support contacts to know.

I guess this is a feature request and/or a candidate for a plug-in.
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Thanks for the request and the offer of sponsorship.

I think something similar to this has been discussed before so it could be that a developer will be keen to pick it up. Watch this space.