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0001652SiT!knowledge basepublic2011-07-20 22:522011-08-04 12:12
3.60 LTS 
0001652: Make KB articles or files specific to products/customers
Ability to create either articles or files that are specific to either a customer or a product.

Example scenario would be to :
a) give access to specific product user manuals or other documentation, to customers logging in through customer portal (kind of like a product-specific KB article with an attachment, but only visible to customers whose contracts support those products) ??
b) upload a specific file for an individual customer/product (e.g. a licence file, or a set of instructions to patch something, for instance)
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2011-08-04 12:12   
Again, thanks for the request and sponsorship.

It is already possible to link KB articles with Products, unfortunately at the moment it's not possible for customers to browse the articles by product and I guess that's the bit you want.

As for limiting the articles so that only people who have that product in their contract can see them, I don't think that would be difficult for us to implement and we could make it an option in the system configuration.

We'll discuss this request and try to get it scheduled on our Roadmap if the team think it's a good idea (I do!).