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0001659SiT!billingpublic2011-08-06 14:192011-08-06 16:40
normaltexthave not tried
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0001659: One time billing editor - badly named?
The "One time billing editor" form (contract_edit_service.php?mode=showform&sourceservice=15&contractid=2) is invoked via the option "Edit Balance"

I'm wondering if "Edit Balance" might be a better title for this form, or whether there may be another title that is better than "One time billing editor" because as far as I can tell it doesn't edit billing and it's not limited to one use.
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2011-08-06 14:59   
It seems off.. "edit balance" seems to fit the description
2011-08-06 16:39   
fixed in 2ce40f2