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0001670: Billing matrix is blank when adding service to a contract
When adding service to an existing contract the billing matrix is set to blank. I'm not sure whether the add service form should be asking for a matrix or whether the same matrix chosen for the contract should be used.

Either way, not having a billing matrix appears to be a bad thing.
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has duplicate 0001672closed  Adding a service doesn't add a billing matrix 
has duplicate 0001694closed  New services have blank billing matrix 
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I don't think I fully understand the implications of having a different billing matrix for each service period within a contract. Is the service record really the right place to store the billing matrix selection or should it be on the contract record so that the selection is made once per contract.
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21105d9 adds the ability to specify the billing matrix on new services so at least it doesn't break horribly, as for whether we should specify the billing matrix at the service or contract level I'm not sure
2012-10-20 14:06   
I think it makes sense that the billing matrix is stored at the contract level rather than the service level
2012-10-20 14:38   
git a824934 moves teh billing matrix to the contract