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0001714SiT!incidentspublic2011-09-06 09:502012-07-07 18:10
3.65 LTS 
3.66 LTS3.66 LTS 
0001714: When opening an incident for viewing: Application Warning [512] Unexpected input (in line 382 of file
It seems that whenever you open an incident to view or edit it, this message appears in the debug log:
2011-09-06T10:34:26+02:00 incident_details.php Application Warning [512] Unexpected input (in line 382 of file

I'm not sure this is really a bug, but it can fill up the log quite a bit on a busy site.
The reason is that the function "clean_fixed_list()" in line 24 of incident_details.php is trying to clean a value that is not in the list ..

$win = clean_fixed_list($_REQUEST['win'], array('','incomingview', 'jump', 'holdingview', 'sit_popup'));
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2011-09-20 20:21   
Fixed this in r7406, incidentNUMBER added to the list, in 4.x we just use sit_popup so not ported to git