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0001742SiT!LDAPpublic2011-12-05 14:102013-02-28 15:55
3.65 LTS 
3.66 LTS3.66 LTS 
0001742: ldapSync fails if no LDAP group for SIT admins/managers/users specified or the group contains no users
I have one user in SiT DB (admin) and LDAP Customer Group configured to fetch contacts from AD. LDAP group for SIT admins/managers/users fields are left blank. In this situation ldapSync successfully adds contacts from AD to local DB but then fails. No error messages are logged. You can than manually start ldapSync, it will successfully sync for one time and fail again.
But if any of the LDAP group for SIT admins or managers or users is specified and contains users, ldapSync will work with no errors. If one of that group is specified but contains no users, ldapSync will fail.
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2011-12-19 20:24   
Can reproduce
2011-12-19 20:36   
r7479 and 63eeb14 resolve
2013-02-28 15:55   
This was closed and left as unresolved, it has been fixed.