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0001804SiT!sites & contactspublic2012-09-24 08:282014-03-04 20:34
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3.67 LTS 
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0001804: Missing country SERBIA from country list
In SiT!, the language dropdown is hardcoded (function country_drop_down), and it does not include "SERBIA" and possibly others.

It could be good to turn this into a DB table, to avoid further issues in the future?

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2012-09-24 09:17   
Confirmed, don't think the country list has been updated in the last few years so 'new' countries recognized by ISO haven't been added, we should review the whole list.
2012-09-24 09:53 [^]
2012-09-24 14:13   
Agreed. A DB table would be good, or the least a file to include or something so that it's easy to update.
2012-09-24 14:30   
Thank you Paul and Ivan.

what do you prefer? For me a DB table jumps to mind first, but involves a lot of changes (especially for the 3.x LTS branch), so from a time limit point of view I suggest a txt file, in /inc/ directory of 3.9x, and just an update of the Country list in that function in 3.x.

If we can come to agreement I propose to do the code changes :-)
2014-03-04 20:34   
Fixed in 4ec2bd5, we now store the countries in the db and reference based on ISO code which should permit i18n in the future and also easy addition