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0001811SiT!searchpublic2012-10-12 10:022012-10-12 12:39
3.67 LTS 
0001811: Search fails in Boolean if one of the words is a 3 character word
When searching for "+OurKeyword +USB" for example, the search results are incorrect. This is due tot he problems that MySQL has with small search questions (the "USB" part).

Single word searches like "USB" works because in SiT! we treat them differently (if (utf8_strlen($search) > 3) in search.php). The issue is only when we have a search term in a multiple word search and one of the words is only 3 characters long

To rectify this I propose that we create a new sort of "search within results" button which will allow us to search, firstly for "OurKeyword", and then search for "USB" for example in the result that of the first search.
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Interesting thanks. I need to have a deeper think about this.