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0001815SiT!sites & contactspublic2012-10-30 10:002012-11-17 14:23
3.67 LTS 
3.68Current SVN 
0001815: Application Warning [512] received on contacts.php
When performing a search with the "Browse contacts:" field empty I received this message "Application Warning [512]: Unexpected input in @ line 382 trigger_error() clean_fixed_list()"

I have however resolved this on my system by editing the contact.php file on line 25.
Changed $submit_value = clean_fixed_list($_REQUEST['submit'], array('','go'));
to $submit_value = clean_fixed_list($_REQUEST['submit_value'], array('','go'));
Performing a search on the contacts page with the search field empty reproduces this error.

I have checked the config.php file in the SVN repository and revision 7499 also needs this change. If I am incorrect and this breaks something else in the system the I apologize. it works for me though.
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I've seen this
2012-10-30 14:55   
this is fixed in SVN 7578/7549

unfortunately your fix isn't a fix, but it opens up for a security issue.
you might want to integrate this fix instead

thanks for the report though.