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0000182SiT!incidentspublic2008-10-15 14:092011-07-05 12:23
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0000182: Add ability to download multiple attachments
If an incoming email has, say 3 attachments, it would be nice to have a link to have a link to download a zip containing all files.
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2009-05-27 19:22   
I agree this would be useful.

I had a look into this the other day and we have two options

1) Compress the files to a ZIP on the server using PHPs ZIP libraries and then fopen and allow the file to be downloaded

2) Use a third partly library which can do the above as one action in memory

I did find a class which would do this though seemed to be unmaintained and it wasn't clear what the license on it was
2011-07-05 12:23   
Bumping to v4.0 to help us meet our Roadmap targets for 3.90