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0001824SiT!otherpublic2012-12-20 19:252016-04-03 11:42
3.90beta2Current GIT 
0001824: mysql deprecated in PHP5.5
The mysql extension within PHP is set to be marked as deprecated in PHP5.5 and removed in a subsequent release details can be found at [^] and [^]

We use this extensively within SiT, whilst there is a possibility that a PECL extension will be available which will continue this support we can't guarantee that our user base will be able to install such extensions and we shouldn't rely on it being available as such we need to look at moving to mysqli or PDO_MySQL sooner rather than latter this is a significant piece of work
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Not an urgent problem at the moment, so not something we need to look at for the 3.x releases. As Paul has suggested on the dev mailing list, we should look at a solution for this at 4.0 or later.
2015-12-29 12:35   
current trunk now uses mysqli