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0001834SiT!portalpublic2013-01-17 10:342013-02-03 15:19
3.67 LTS 
0001834: Add a setting to define the default priority for portal created incidents
When creating an incident in the portal, the default priority is 1 (Low). We require a setting to be added to define this in SiT's config, or at least a plugin contect in /portal/add.php, to set it with a plugin.
Line 192 of /portal/add.php:
If ($CONFIG['portal_creates_incidents'])
            $incidentid = create_incident($incidenttitle, $contactid,
            $servicelevel, $contractid, $productid, $software);
            $_SESSION['incidentid'] = $incidentid;
What we propose is to add the seventh (optional) variable to create_incident() that will allow us to set a default priority:

function create_incident($title, $contact, $servicelevel, $contract, $product,
                         $software, $priority = 1, $owner = 0, $status = 1,
                         $productversion = '', $productservicepacks = '',
                         $opened = '', $lastupdated = '')
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2013-02-03 15:19   
agree it would be useful to change the default priority of portal incidents