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0000185SiT!triggerspublic2008-10-21 15:402008-11-21 17:27
0000185: Trigger each time an incident is updated by an engineeer
As discussed in the Forum before we need to add a trigger that fires each time an incident is updated by the engineer. When the trigger fires we will send an e-mail to the incident logger something like this:

"Your incident #XXX has been updated, please log into the portal to view the update, and respond in the portal directly.

DO NOT respond to this e-mail directly, use the portal for your responses."

This will force the incident reporters in the countries to use the portal and we will not have to cut-and-paste e-mail info into SiT from Outlook.

In this way we will save a lot of time and eventually we will only use SiT and not Outlook.

Thus to recap, when the engineer clicks the "Update Incident" button at the bottom of the update screen, a trigger will fire to tell the customer that an update of the incident has occurred.
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2008-10-21 15:55   
I agree that we should add this feature, I've marked it on the roadmap for the 3.45 release. Even though this has been requested as a work-around to the fact that incoming email isn't currently working fully. Incoming email should be working fine for v3.40.
2008-10-21 23:26   
Fixed in trunk r4056, it just needs an email template adding to the trigger on the triggers page. I wasn't going to add one but it looks like the add template email page is still pre-triggers so I'll add a default one in, you'll just need to associate the two.